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複製貼上 重點上個色
We are pleased to introduce our newest headphone, VOCE! VOCE is Italian for
VOCE is an electrostatic headphone designed to deliver uncompromising
electrostatic resolution and clarity with bass output that extends deep into
the subsonic. Very light and comfortable, with an extremely large soundstage
and a neutral voicing VOCE is our most accurate headphone.

VOCE is designed and built in San Diego, CA and comes with the following
innovative features:
· Super-large 88mm diaphragm for extended low frequency output
· 2.4 micron driver, optimized for stability and resolution
· Ultra-thin metal stators for superior sound
· MrSpeakers’ signature NiTinol memory metal headband for exceptional
comfort, light weight and durability
· Detachable* custom fabricated silver-plated copper cable that
is non-microphonic, round and super-supple, yet low capacitance
· Proprietary machined Teflon amplifier plug with machined aluminum housing,
gold plated solid copper pins and a machined aluminum headphone connector**
· 580V “Pro-bias” compatible for use with any Stax-pro compatible
· Italian Napa leather ear pads
· Vat-dyed US made leather headband

Proper storage of electrostatic headphone helps reduce service issues by
reducing dust accumulation on the stators. Our attractive shipping box is
designed to not only reduce packaging waste but to serve as a stylish and
functional way to store a VOCE (or any) headphone.

Box features include:
· Real walnut hardwood
· Hinged clear acrylic front doors with magnetic fasteners
· A built-in integrated headphone stand
· A convenient front-slot for the cable so the headphones may be left
plugged-in while stored

VOCE is $2999.99 in the US.

A comment on this price to our friends and followers; we realize this is
higher than we’d committed and for this I regret we said it’d be “
well-under” $3000. The reality is essential changes to the stator design,
higher than expected cost of the cable and custom plugs, and the enhanced
storage and display case added too much to the cost to achieve our original
price target. While our original thought was the headphone would be $2800 we
hope you’ll agree the benefits of improved sound, ergonomics and storage are
well worth the incremental cost.

VOCE is a hand-made headphone and quantities will be limited. We will start
taking orders January 1, 2018.

First US shipments are expected in February 2018 and orders can be placed on
https://mrspeakers.com/ starting January 1, 2018. We will announce the US
dealer-list prior to New Year’s Eve. Limited quantities will be available
for the UK and Japan. Based on our ability to meet demand, we will expand
into additional countries as quickly as we can.

*the detachable cable is for customer cable replacement for longer cables or
3rd party cables. It is not for daily/regular use
**Plugs and connector housings will be available to 3rd party cable companies
to make VOCE compatible cables


1.88mm圓形震膜 大概不會很好推 等實際上市看看 好聽但難推的話就做一台T2搞定他
2.2.4 micron 有點微妙的數字 不過這要看整體設計 印象中STAX跟大奧2都比這個薄
3.頭帶的機構看起來就只是迫緊而已 有點單薄 久了有機會鬆掉
4.這外罩開大洞真的沒關係嗎 感覺很容易戳到之類的
5.可換線 不過接頭特規 要玩請花$跟原廠買 不過靜電的線跟動圈的線不太一樣
應該可以看到epic fail XD
6.$2999 比水貨的009還貴了 如果素質跟不上肯定GG的
7.明年1/1開賣 可以開始存錢惹(?)

※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自:
※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Headphone/M.1513782885.A.8BE.html

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廠商表示:There’s a fine mesh dust screen under the outer “web.”
mesh的話不知道會不會漏塵 然後就%%%
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